Recession, Transparency and Social Computing

As banks and other major institutions are getting bailed out by the government, one thing that stands out is the need for transparency/accountability. Obama administration is trying to do its part by initiatives such as to provide greater transparency in government.   When it comes to businesses, the major challenge of policy makers (and leaders) is […]

Evaluating AJAX Framework

Today building a new web application involves the essential step of evaluating AJAX frameworks and select an appropriate one. In this post I will detail the various criteria that should be considered while making a decision. Adoption Criteria This criteria is important for IT managers (or EA strategy) to decide if it would even be […]

Jaxer – An innovative paradigm

Jaxer is an open-source web application development framework providing an consistent Javascript based programming model between the cloud (server) and client. In this post I will provide an architectural overview of this technology and provide a conceptual mobile strategy that this framework can be used for. Architectural Overview The core of Jaxer is written in […]

Gearing up for Privacy

The issue of Privacy is one of the major concerns in the web today. The most common of such concerns centered around the user data having to live in the cloud with the potential for it to be exposed, stolen or misused by external elements (including the service provider). In this post I share my […]

Auto-translate Resource Bundles using Google Translate

Internationalization is one of the common requirements in web applications. One of the challenges faced by a team is the non-availability of translated resource bundles during development (mostly due to logistical reasons). But it is important to test various scenarios during the application development. In this post I will present a simple idea which utilizes […]

Data Services in Spring

In today’s web applications the need for returning model data from controllers in XML/JSON format is quite common. Mostly these requirements are met by writing custom code in controllers. In this post I will present technical approach that would enable your applications to return data model in XML/JSON or data format of your choice to […]

Google Gears: Gears to switch

Yesterday Google unvieled the newest development paradigm for developing offline web applications. David Berlind says Google Gears vies to be defacto tech for offline webapps and could very well be! I’m very excited and impressed by reading through the developer documentation and demonstrations. The architecture employs a switch based on a installed browser plugin and […]