On Failures

You may be wondering why I am talking about Failure? When you take effort Failure is bound to happen and all successful people approach it by embracing them. So the big question is how to best approach failure. It is by developing our resilience mental muscles. Here is a paradigm of thinking that I recommend: […]

Themes observed in highly successful people

As you may understand one cannot force someone to think innovatively. In my company in an effort to foster innovative thinking among the employees, I have started screening movies (every Saturday) like Steve Jobs, A man who knew infinity – Ramanujan, A beautiful mind – John Nash and it’s making a small dent by elevating […]

Virtualized Runtime Environment

The purpose of this post is to outline a technology innovation that will result in reduced cost, faster time-to-market and multiple deployments. The idea of writing code once and running the application in different operating systems was conceived and developed by Sun Microsystems. On the other hand, Microsoft championed the strategy of language choice for […]

Technologies shaping the Realtime Web (Part 1)

  Introduction The purpose of this series is to give you an introduction to innovative technologies and standards that are shaping up the Realtime Web. In this post we will explore two emerging standards and their implementations: SPDY, Web Sockets (and SSE). In this series I intend to explore state of innovation in entire web […]

FitNesse – Are you ready to SLIM?

Introduction The purpose of this post is to give you a quick overview of what FitNesse is, how it works and the innovation behind it.  As we know software development is a collaborative process. There are many different people involved: Product owner, Business analyst, Developer, QA analyst and Support personnel, etc.   There is also multiple […]

VoltDB – NewSQL Database

Introduction The purpose of this post is to give an overview of  background, technical architecture, features offered by VoltDB.   Traditional RDBMS systems like Oracle, Sybase are designed decades back and have architecture based on the needs of their times.   Michael Stonebraker and his team from MIT have taken a closer look at the current database […]

Website Extension Paradigms – Commenting Systems

Website Extension Paradigms are primarily ways of extending functionality of a website by a service of a third-party provider.  This trend has emerged in recent years and is growing rapidly with the explosion of websites offering API support (Click to learn more about API).  This opens the door for innovation in business model by combining […]